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The Gazette, August 27, 2009

"Each character was brought to life and portrayed in such an individual style, it was easy to forget only four actors were on stage."

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The Gazette, August 20, 2009

"The result has been dramatic, with rave reviews for the realistic action that has entertained audiences young and old."

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ShowBizRadio, April 21, 2009

"The Three Musketeers, a new adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas novel, translated and adapted by Ms. Cassatt, provides ample humor, daring swordplay, pathos, intrigue and just a bit of a history lesson as well, all in a terrific, family-oriented and fast-paced production . . . . Each actor brings considerable ability to the many and varied roles portrayed within the span of the production, in a dizzying but never truly frenetic or over the top parade through the events of the story. (So complex is the character swap, itís impossible to highlight any one role over another!)"

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The Frederick News Post, April 20, 2009

An article all about playwright Bette Cassatt. Click here for full article and video (video is under "Multimedia").

The Georgetown Current, April 15, 2009

"The fast-paced production requires perfect coordination and seamless communication among the players ó the kind of teamwork that pays homage to Dumasí historic heroes."

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Audience Testimonials

"I saw The Three Musketeers with some friends as a senior in high school. We were kept entertained the whole time -- the actors gave life and energy to each role they played, the pace never slowed down, and the sword fights were expertly choreographed. Cassatt's abridged adaptation was able to appeal to kids without sacrificing the wit and elegance of the original story. The actors used the brief time allotted to them to create lively, believable characters. It was a lot of fun!"

~Sam P.

"The Three Musketeers is smart, swashbuckling fun for the entire family. Kids will love the action, the sword play, and the great costumes. Adults will love the witty, fast-paced take on Dumas' classic story. The Three Musketeers is the rare kind of children's theater that's light hearted enough for kids but sophisticated enough for their parents. And, at under an hour, the show matches neatly with the attention span of young theatergoers."
~Juliana A.

"No surprise these talented and reliable actors were so much fun to watch in this portrayal of this Dumas tale, but the way Bette Cassatt structured this high energy, fast paced, role switching rendition was clever, exciting, clear, and easy to follow."
~John H.

"My daughter also loved it and frequently mentions it. I was delighted by the show, fights, costumes, and actors. I am a very tough critic actually and enjoyed it immensely.... We will definitely come see it again. We are fans."
~Christopher A.

"The Three Musketeers is an intimate production that Bette Cassatt has cleverly adapted to showcase the humor, drama, and suspense of Dumas' tale. The four actors create a memorable array of characters with the help of quick costume changes and the sword-fighting scenes add to the play's palpable energy. You leave with the desire to pick up the book and read the unabridged story for yourself!"
~Chantal H.

"Breathtaking and original. Bette Cassatt is a master of swordplay!"
~Sara C.

"I had the pleasure of seeing The Three Musketeers this past spring. I was thoroughly impressed with the entire cast. I wasn't sure what to expect when I heard that four actors would be portraying all the roles but my expectations were far exceeded. I've never even read the book but I'm looking forward to it now. The fight scenes alone are worth price of admission!"
~Alex S.

"I enjoyed every moment of this high-spirited, humor-filled production. The fights choreographed by Bette Cassatt are believable and at the same time hilarious...I have seen it several times and would go see it again. Also, the costumes are beautiful, always a plus especially in a period piece."
~Linda D.

"A thrill ride spectacular!"
~Eric T.

"The theater fills with the clanging of swords, the rustling of cloaks and the laughter of children. Intrigue and trickery abound. In Bette Cassatt's fast-paced version of Dumas's The Three Musketeers, the audience goes on a journey with the daring D'Artagnan as he beguilingly befriends and ultimately joins the musketeers.

The genius behind The Three Musketeers is the writer, director, producer and co-star of the show, Bette Cassatt. The four-person play she has crafted is faithful to Dumas's original, including its rich language, sophisticated plot and sense of humor. Coming from a background in stage combat, Bette's other remarkable achievement is her fight sequences and swordplay. They are filled with such precision, adventure and slap-stick comedy that the audience is mesmerized from the very beginning to the end.

The four actors deftly create unique personalities for each character they play. They fly through costume changes with such ease that the audience easily forgets there are only four people playing over 25 characters. Bette Cassatt (D'Artagnan) plays each character with such zeal and conviction that the audience becomes lost in the musketeering world. John Morogiello (Porthos) has a devilish sense of humor that is highly reminiscent of the great Danny Kaye. Ian Blackwell Rogers (Athos) is a polished gentleman with a renaissance handsomeness that causes the girls to swoon. Erin Steenson (Aramis) is energetic, quick-witted, and extremely convincing as a young gentleman.

One last word... When entering the theater, you are entering the world of the musketeers. There is a well-crafted sword on display, as well as some beautiful costumes. As you leave, don't forget to write a note for your favorite Musketeer and grab a parchment inducting you into the ranks of the musketeers. It is guaranteed that when Bette Cassatt is involved in a production, you will experience a lot more than a play; you will enter a world of magic."
~Christi H.

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