When does The Three Musketeers perform?
Sunday, September 12 - 3:00pm

Where does The Three Musketeers perform?
At Old Parish House. It's located at: 4711 Knox Road, College Park, MD 20740.

How much are tickets?
Pay as you can donations are greatly appreciated. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Registration is suggested for these popular events as space is limited.

Is this play good for children and family audiences?
Yes and yes! The Three Musketeers is one of the most exciting pieces of classical literature. This show basically tells the first half of the book using only 4 actors. The whole show lasts under an hour, so the pace is as fast as the swordfights! There are 70 costume changes during the show, so the action never stops. This show has entertained children in diapers as well as their grandparents (and every age in between)! But you know your children best. We just know this is an awesome show.

But there are swordfights. Is this play really violent?
There are about nine swordfights, but absolutely no blood. The swordfights are fun and exciting, and give a good representation of the time period. But remember, the Musketeers had a strong sense of honor. If they could prevent a fight by becoming friends, they would. This theme is nicely explored in the play.

Are the swords real?
Yes. BUT, they are specially designed for stage combat (i.e. they are not sharp and do not have a point). Stage combat is the art of portraying violence on stage. It is like a dance and requires many hours of special rehearsal to make sure everyone is safe.

But I have more questions! Who can I ask?
Send us an e-mail: info@cpae.org or call 301-927-3013.