Erin Steenson
Erin Steenson (Aramis) is a professional actress in the DC metro area. After working for Kaiser Permanente's Educational Theatre Programs for 2 1/2 years, she took the "plunge" in February, 2009, to become a freelance actress, and she hasn't looked back since! This summer, she taught Acting at "Spotlight on the Arts" Camps in Northern Virginia and performed in Unemployment Lines with Verbal Gymnastics. Recent TV credits include a Bode Floors commercial airing on WBAL and a show on the Investigation Discovery Channel (airing January, 2011.) Erin is also honored to be one of the newest ensemble members of Synergy In Action: A Playback Theatre Co. Up next... teaching "Light Sabers Adventures" classes at Adventure Theatre and directing Fiddler on the Roof at Chelsea Academy!